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  1. 'You just moved in and welcome to the neighbourhood, I baked cake and I know it's bad but I tried' AU 'I keep seeing you walking your dog in the local park and I just realised we're actually neighbours' AU 'My kids and their friends keep kicking the football over the fence I'm so sorry I'm here again to collect it' AU
  2. Collected for the depths of AO3's common tags, I present thee: the ultimate AU generator. As of latest update (Dec 22, 2018), this generator contains 351 different AUs used in fanfiction. By putting a number in the 'how many?' box, you can generate multiple AUs at once, and either pick your favourite or try to combine them. (The creator warns that some redundancy entirely plausible if not probable, as is clashing AUs. The creator urges you to just generate a new one.
  3. This is the second year without our AUideas Advent Calendar, but as a thank you for all your continued support, I've decided to give 5 AU ideas for the next 10 requests in our inbox. As long as the requests aren't too insane , I'll dust off my AU creativity synapses for another shot at some fic inspiration
  4. This one mostly applies to fandom related RP's. Take the lead characters and reverse their roles. Make them the opposite of who or what they really are and see where that leads you. 8. Ghost and Haunted. Person A has just moved into their new home. (Apartment, Mansion, cozy town house, whatever you'd like) The first few nights are peaceful. Then things start to get crazy and the meet Person B. Person B inhabited the home once upon a time. They were killed some how and were stuck.
  5. ant or a submissive and BDSM relationships are considered the norm. Be advised that while a healthy BDSM relationship is consensual and not dangerous, if handled incorrectly it can result in abusive behavior which is offensive and considered bad BDSM etiquette

AU Ideas: Psych Ward Muse A has just been admitted into a psych ward. Muse B has been a patient their for a pretty long time. 1} Muse B has a plan on how to escape and tells Muse A the plan and they both try and get free 2} Muse A Falls in Love with Muse B but soon finds out the reason they are at the Psych Ward and suddenly realizes they are not who they thought they were. 3} Bad Things in The Psych Ward keep happening to Muse B and Muse A tries to stop it but only makes the scenari new prompt. This is a random rp prompt generator created to help roleplayers find ways to start one-on-one scenes, threads, and storylines. They're written to be as open-ended and flexible as possible, but if you want more ideas, you can hover over your results to see a few variations and examples I have been working on a plot called [Winter _ High 2.0] But after a long time building i have decided to make some RP's that stand out, some that have never been done before. So i'm asking the community for some ideas. I ran out of ideas ages ago and now i just build the same thing over and over and over again Here are a list of ideas I've compiled to help you get started! There are also a few sub-AUs I included just because :) BY ERA 50s AU; 80s AU; Ancient Egypt AU; Cold War AU; Medieval AU; Dark/Middle Ages; Renaissance; Regency AU; Revolutionary War AU; Roaring 20s AU; Stone Age AU; Tudor AU; Victorian AU; World War I AU; World War II AU; BY GENRE Apocalypse AU; Dystopian AU some au ideas that have been floating around my brain: you both grab for the last pint of ice cream at the supermarket and end up arguing over it au; i keep setting my kitchen stove on fire and you're the long suffering firefighter on call au ; my dog won't stop barking at your cat in the waiting room at the vets au; you got stood up on a date at the coffee shop i work in here let me get.

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AU - It's finals week and you forgot you had a math exam today. Now you're screaming into into your hands while laying on the ground and I'm laughing hysterically while trying to read equations to you. AU - There is a lockdown drill that's lasting a really long time so we're stuck in a dark room crammed under a desk together. Wanna talk about our feelings now? AU AU ideas for prompts, roleplays and stories. Feel free to submit your own ideas! Tags Romantic AUs Non-romantic AUs Group AUs . 9:00 PM. mun 1 having some fun aus au ideas romantic aus non romantic aus Anonymous. Anonymous: Got any Disney related AUs?-DISNEY WORLD/LAND CAST MEMBERS-Oh omg Person A being a total Disney lover and B's like 'I haven't seen a Disney movie since I was six you. Think of an idea that would benefit the AUs enjoyment. The cringe factor is a major play in this, if its too cringy nobody is going to want to play it. Stray away from common ideas, because if you do there is less of a chance that someone has made a AU exactly like it. If your worried that someone has already made it, look it up on the internet, and see. (P.S. be careful about the internet. Soulmate au. Au where you have a tattoo on your right wrist of the song you'll hear when you meet your soulmate for the first time. It's the same song tattooed on both of the soulmates. Bonus: person A has a different song tattooed on them than their soulmate because they're wearing headphones when they first meet. soulmates soulmate au aus for soulmates. 497 notes Jan 14th, 2020. Open.

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  1. RP Addict. (Self-Conscious) Writer | anothersadsong @ ao3. Prompts are open, replies are slow! Ask me stuff! Send me stuff! Pages . Home; Archive; Random; Liked posts; Links. Writing Masterlist; Writing Prompt Masterlist; Writing Prompt Masterlist, Part 2; Jan 3 2017. Soulmate AU Masterlist. sixxon: Tattoos or Marks. Red tallies appear for every person you've loved, black for every person.
  2. This book is used for writing down RP ideas so they are not lost or forgotten. Add to library 4 Discussion. Starters of story ideas/Rp ideas. February 10, 2016 Hmm . Anime/Manga Fanfiction Undertale Dangan Ronpa Fandomstuck Different Fandoms Different fandoms, fandomstuck, undertale, Alice in wonderland, dangan ronpa, A warning; there will be a dangan ronpa one that has to do with Alice in.
  3. Ideas; About Updated 6 Feb 2019. Hello! Welcome to a BNHA RP! For the characters, if it's an OC, you must have a quirk or be quirkless. WE ACCEPT CHARACTERS FROM DIFFERENT AUS! So if a character you want is taken, and you have an AU you like, then you can choose a character from that AU! WE ACCEPT OCS AS WELL!.
  4. Okay. here are some of my roleplay ideas, and since I'm new, I hope you like them!--☂☀Sunshower☀☂ . Nothing is better than a bright, delightful, sunny day! - ☀☂Sunshower☀☂. Tip jar: the author of this post has received 0.00 INK in return for their work. ☂☀Sunshower☀☂ Member for 11 years. Top. Re: **Roleplay Ideas** Tips: 0.00 INK by ☂☀Sunshower☀☂ on Sun Mar 21.
  5. We are here for all of your lovely fanfiction and / or roleplaying AU needs. Settings, plots, creative writing prompts - anything you think is relevant, we ask that you submit it here
  6. You have your soulmate's name on one wrist and your enemy's on the other, and have no idea which one is which. 48. You are born with a small black heart that beats/grows with your soulmate's. It turns red once you've met them. 49. You cannot feel pain until you meet/touch your soulmate. 50
  7. You're mad at me because of something I did in your dream but you won't tell me what it was au. We fell in love in high school and didn't see each other again until we were in our old age au. You were in a terrible accident and I'm your nurse and I'm starting to catch feelings even though things look bad au

Okay. here are some of my roleplay ideas, and since I'm new, I hope you like them! --☂☀Sunshower☀☂. Nothing is better than a bright, delightful, sunny day! - ☀☂Sunshower☀☂. Tip jar: the author of this post has received 0.00 INK in return for their work Soulmate AU Masterlist. sixxon: Tattoos or Marks. Red tallies appear for every person you've loved, black for every person you've loved that has died, and a white tally for when you meet your soulmate. A mark that matches, sometimes like a puzzle piece to someone else, and grows hotter the closer they are to you OT3 AU Ideas. OT3s where they've all been friends for a long time, but when Muse A and Muse B start dating they both realize that things aren't the same without Muse C and they both want to date Muse C too. OT3s where Muse A and Muse B used to date, and broke up long before Muse C comes along, but once Muse A starts to date them, Muse B realises they never really got over them and wants. February 18, 2019 Clouded Pink. Anime & Manga Personality Pokemon Love Roleplay Kanto Squirtle Bulbasaur Furry Charmander Starters Rp Love Trangle Oc Headcanons Pokemon Charmander Pokemon Squirtle

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  1. 1) ride space mountain three times in one day. or. 2) instead go to all the little touristy things like tea with Belle. 198 notes Reblog. 9:00 PM. mun 1 having some fun not aus Anonymous. Anonymous: Hello! I'm a growing writer and i wonder if you could give me tips on how o write an opening for an idol fanfiction
  2. Alternate Universe (often abbreviated as AU) is a descriptor used to characterize fanworks which change one or more elements of the source work's canon. Broadly, an AU may transplant a given source work's characters to a radically different setting, shift the genre in which their adventures occur, and/or alter one or more of their professions, goals, or backstories. AU fanworks cover a great.
  3. rp plot plot masterlist college plot school plot rp meme writing prompt plot 171: (un) welcome to town Muse A and M use B are in a same-sex and/or interracial relationship. they've lived openly together in an inviting city and are on the cusp of making a deeper commitment to one another (moving in together, marriage, etc.)
  4. Send me an AU idea you have for my muse and I'll give you my headcanons and/or thoughts about it Be as basic or detailed as you'd like! #ask meme #rp meme #roleplay meme #ooc #au #edit: fixed the spelling erro
  5. g ooc and the characters are so interesting to interact with ic
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  2. Group RP Ideas. Tips: 0.00 INK by nomannic on Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:51 pm. Sewer Rats: The city is big, it's not uncommon for a few children to slip through its grasp, and into the sewers below. We're just the lucky ones. We have each other
  3. g. Some are wild. Some are realistic. Others are just ludicrous. Some have been done before. The point is for you to tell the story differently. Ask yourself why when reading these. Have fun! A world wherein employees work nonstop with no vacation—a riot ensues
  4. Aug 12, 2019 - Explore Sun Shine's board Role Play: Home Corner, followed by 141 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about corner house, role play areas, home corner ideas early years
  5. d that there is a difference between the lifestyle and the fetish. The difference is pretty simple and those who are experienced in the lifestyle can spot those who are a part of the fetish

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  1. Have you ever needed a random idea when running a concept workshop, or just need some inspiration to come up with ideas for your own? Look no further! Simply give the slot machine a spin! You never know, you might just hit the jackpot and find fortune with your idea
  2. This wiki is based on roleplay, RP for short. Role-playing is not only a game you play in real life by acting like another person, but also a thing you can play online in forums, chat rooms, and more, by playing the role of an existing character (such as an anime character) or an original character. There are more possibilities of playing a roleplay online, such as: Character roleplay: With a.
  3. Cool ideas. Maybe we could do one on the beach, where they're surfers and stuff like that. or there could be a camping trip for a group at school and the chaparone gets lost and then the kids are on their own and they get all romantic <3. or maybe a middle school, like high school but younger charries. ^_^
  4. An alternative universe is a setting for a work of fan fiction that departs from the canon of the fictional universe that the fan work is based on. For example, an AU fan fiction might imagine what would have taken place if the plot events of the source material had unfolded differently, or it might transpose the characters from the original work into a different setting to explore their lives and relationships in a different narrative context. Unlike typical fan fiction, which.
  5. From your hobby to your career, your class notes to your final exam, your mood board to your runway show, padlets help you organize your life

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Be sure to pin or bookmark the list for future reference! And if you're also interested in writing scifi, check out the companion list of 50 Plot Ideas and Writing Prompts for Science Fiction. 1. A counterfeiter's coins or a forger's fake works of art have magical properties. 2. A neglected god or goddess attempts to reclaim his or her former glory Example (My own AU) Name: Underswitch Type of AU: Swapping Swaps: Frisk/Asriel (the humans let Asriel stay on the surface in this AU), Toriel/Flowey, Sans/Alphys, Undyne/Papyrus, Monster Kid/Chara (because why not), Mettaton/Amalgamates (the amalgamates are the different Mettaton forms), Muffet/Asgore (edited by administrators) 24. 0. This post is locked. Explore properties. Fandom; Gamepedia. au rp idea So what if i made an au rp where Orca killed Coral and the Orca statue continued killing all of the dragonets and then killed Blister and faked to the SandWings that a shark had gotten her and Blister's last words where for Orca to reign over the SandWings in her stead.... and so forth...

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SMPEarth AU Idea Thingy. This should be a thread for an SMPEarth/Dream SMP Fanon AU. The characters from Dream SMP (including ours) take over the world. Just like SMPEarth, guns and planes are here, but we also have craftable bombs and trains, along with more gun types. Let the madness begin. Note: ORIGINAL CHARACTERS FROM HERE SHALL NOT GET ADDED TO THE WIKI UNLESS IF THEY JOINE THE ACTUAL. More Sci-Fi Story Ideas. Take this set of fascinating facts from Chinese history and write a story about the fortune-teller (translation: con-artist who knows science) who invented the compass before selling it to the explorer and mapmaker, Zheng He. Ten years from now, scientists figure out how to stop human aging and extend life indefinitely—but every time someone qualifies for that. Tips for Using Your Romance Story Ideas. Remember that switching the genders of the characters can be a good way to avoid stereotypes and make your love story more interesting. You can transpose these love storylines into any genre you like. Changing the era in which the story takes place can generate more conflict. Here is a great list of romance story generators from author, Darla G. Denton.

Street Signs: After a young man is killed as an innocent bystander in the cross-fires of gang violence, you notice a mysterious symbol appear on the side of a building. 3. Lilies of the Valley: As the new housekeeper for a prominent wealthy family, one of your tasks is to water all of the house plants When it comes to romance, a sense of humor is always a good idea. 20 Romance Story Ideas. She's a cop. He's the owner of a jewelry store. A sudden rash of break-ins brings her to his store over and over and over again, until it becomes obvious that he might be tripping the alarm on purpose—just to see her. That's illegal—but she's kind of falling for him, too. Write the moment she. 2959 groups have been tagged as roleplay: 1x1 Romance , My Hero Academia Universe , Camp Half-Blood , All the Books!, and 1x


Story Ideas. Here are 100 story ideas you can steal right now. And if that's not enough, generate your own with the Idea Engine, or peruse these lists of scene ideas, flash fiction prompts, and writing prompts.. Write a story about A character with an addiction who discovers that they're someone else's addiction Au Ra names - Final Fantasy . This Au Ra name generator will give you 10 names that fit the Au Ra race of the Final Fantasy universe. The Au Ra are a race of humanoids with dragon features, most noticeably curved horns and patterns of scales on their otherwise smooth skin Variable - server info variables set on the server var:scripthook, var:premium; Tag - tags are easy to find things with tag:default, tag:drifting, tag:zombie; Negation - you can negate filters ~roleplay, ~/dr.ft/, ~var:scripthook; Regular expressions - for advanced users /r.le ?play/, /[0-9]{2} Nov 22, 2015 - This will be full of all my characters and what not for my roleplay characters and friends. See more ideas about roleplay characters, my character, roleplay

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Über 50.000 Shops 350+ Millionen Angebote Kaufberatung und Expertenmeinungen Jetzt Preise und Produkte auf idealo.de vergleichen und sparen What marketing strategies does Rp-au-ideas use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Rp-au-ideas Hey there and welcome to my site. As you can see there's a lot to explore, but if you're looking for names you're at the right place. There are over 1400 name generators, as well as many description generators, guides and various tools you might find helpful Hilarious random plot generator. Answer a few quick questions and this website will automatically write a story or blurb for you using your keywords. Select from a variety of genres including romance, mystery or teen vampire. Plots suitable form books or film

Feb 24, 2019 - Explore Toby Richardson's board Roblox Bloxburg Ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about roblox, house design, modern family house Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for

Un an après sa sortie en shop LEGO, je vous propose une review préHistorique du set LEGO Ideas 21320 - Les fossiles de dinosaures! On voit ensemble si ce set.. John Clabburn Dies: Australian TV Director Victim Of Freak Accident, Was 52. John Clabburn, a TV director for three decades on such Australian shows as Home And Away, Underbelly, Survivor. We help inventors patent and bring their new product ideas to market

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AU = Alternate Universe Sometimes people feel the need to add this to their BIO if they are RPing an MC that they have taken in an entirely new direction and ignoring canon. My feeling is we are all AU and find it unnecessary, but that is your call. Multi-SL/Multi-RP/Multi-verse Some characters have entirely separate SLs going on at the same time. They may be mated to different people on them, different careers, or completely different circles of RPers. Some consider themselves. A blog to collect and share alternate universe ideas for fanfiction writing! Feel free to use any of these ideas for your own writing. I will be reblogging posts, creating my own posts, and accepting... au-collection. index message archive theme. Please pick 1 post size. Alternate Universes . A blog to collect and share alternate universe ideas for fanfiction writing! Feel free to use any of.

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Wardrobes Melbourne, Built in Wardrobes, Walk in RobesGrizz Visser (RP) - Grizz_Visser - WattpadImage result for tumblr ask mercy series | Undertale funnyTina&#39;s handicraft : 7 designs & patterns for blouses crochet

Great story and eye-catching character design. The greatest popularity of AU can get first of all through a comic, thanks to which you can show the world even better your AU. The second thing is animation: animations attract people as well as comics, they show even more how you see your own AU when you illustrate it in animation. Of course let's not forget writting, even if it MAY not get the attention you're looking for. People like to see in their plain sight instead of trying. Ok here is my full idea. First it's a no Quirks AU, set in the same time frame as the iron giant, it the character we're gonna change. Let's start with the Iron Giant him self, now at first I was gonna make him all might, but Shoto Todoroki makes more sense and I can have all might being a replacement for superman Shadowhunters Sentence Starters (Part thirty-one): All my adventures are supposed to be two-dimensional.. Get your act together.. Go up to your room, open the Gray Book and look up the Extinguish rune.. It's a mission, not a party.. They find much more inventive ways to stab you in the back. 'We're the only ones in this subway car and the metro broke down' AU - (cmyk8) 173 notes. 1 week ago. Reblog this 'My roommate's best friend is really obnoxious but also hot' AU - (cmyk8) 111 notes. 1 week ago. Reblog this 'We went to a con/party dressed as a couple on accident' AU - (cmyk8) 121 notes . 1 week ago. Reblog this 'We both tried to grab the last copy of that book. if you're struggling for AU ideas take a look-see at this list i wrote for my friend who dubbed it better than the 10 commandments 1) Coffee shop AU. i) Barista and person who has a ridiculous coffee order. ii) I'm worried about your coffee dependenc

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